How it Works

You can add shows, dogs, results, judges, pedigree’s, photos and they are all linked dynamically. Your website will look great on any mobile device.

Easy to Use

In the administration dashboard, you can easily add/edit/delete shows, dog, results, pedigrees and more.

Responsive layout

The most important feature of your website is it will look great on any smart device for your visitors.

Unique Website

There is no other website in the world that can list all your show's results, dogs, pedigree's in one place.

What is Dog Show Pro ?

We created a website for you that allows a dog show lover to keep all your results in one place and they are dynamic. By dynamic everything is linked together. You can click on a dog’s name in results page and then view it’s information and pedigree.

You wont believe how easy it will be from now on for your dog breed. No more searchingt for results.

Discover for yourself.
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A Dog's Page

A dogs personal page is really impressive with loads of information. It has the ability to store infomration all about the dog and it’s show career.

  • It can list a dog's K.C. name and affix with a link to all other dogs listed with that affix
  • It can store a dog's pedigree which is interactive and all dogs are linked with photos.
  • It will list special awards such as if it is a United Kingdom Champion or a Crufts winner
  • It lists all the results that the dog has ented in and the award or placement it received
  • It displays statistics for that dog such as how many 1st places in champ shows
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Dog Show Results

Dynamic dog show results available and all stored on a secure database. View upcoming shows, results for each show, dogs results, d.o.b, affix, sex, photo and the pedigree.

Our Features

Dog Show Pro has a abundance of features to allow you exhibitors and visitors really keep track of their dog’s show results over the years and let everyone view them.

Upcoming Shows

Post-up-coming show results including a clickable Google maps feature.

Show Categories

Show split into Open, Champ and Limit and more can be added if needed.

Show Results

All dog show results stored in a database and linked to dogs and all dynamic.

Dog Details

Such as affixes, dob, sex, all results, photo and dynamic extensive pedigree.

Judge Details

Extensive Judges list with an affix, names, categorised by type of judge.

Dog Statistics

Challenge certificates and 1st places in Championship show all counted.

Show Stastitics

Find out the percentage of people actually attended and for last 5 years.

Admin Panel

Extensive admin section which allows you to easily add/edit and delete.

Why not watch the video for a introduction on the benefits that ba Dog Show Pro website will give your and your breed. The video will allow you to view the admin section in action.

See how easy it is to add/edit and delte shows, results, dogs, judges and much much more.


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